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Authenticated testimonials
for Paul Bielby

Over 200 Properties $old

Since 2007

“I have been a certified real estate agent for 16 years and have helped countless satisfied clients buy and sell properties in the Noosa Hinterland region and beyond. Having managed hundreds of real estate sales, I have a deep understanding of what is important to clients. Listening carefully to sellers and working alongside them to understand and extract all of the benefits of their property is a great way to help potential buyers also understand where the value is above other properties they may be considering.

It’s a thrill working with buyers and being part of their journey. I like to transfer the passion and positive energy from both sellers and buyers, often finding when the frequencies line-up a successful sale soon follows and good-will remains intact. Keeping all channels of communication open is key for transparent and precise evaluation when dealing with sellers and buyers.

Helping people make correct and fully informed decisions brings confidence and wisdom to their real estate choices. I am proud to represent EXP Australia, the new breed of real estate models with systems and practices which enhance my ability to produce the best results for my clients. A collaborative team of 200 plus agents in Australia and over 80,000 worldwide have built a professional supportive community offering cutting-edge technology, up-to-the-minute training, extensive networking, and database systems which I employ to enhance my clients’ experience.”

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